About Cronquist Pharmacy

We are a locally owned and operated pharmacy. Cronquist Pharmacy is committed to:
-Personalized patient care: accepting responsibility for therapeutic outcomes
-Promoting the safe, efficacious and cost-effective use of medications
-Educating patients & healthcare professionals about the safe use of medications and other health related products
-Ensuring continuity of care
-Initiating & supporting interdisciplinary collaboration
-Promoting wellness through public and one-on-one interactions
-Recruiting & retaining highly qualified pharmacists and pharmacy staff
-Mentoring & training staff to enhance their professional development


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 Cronquist Pharmacy Team

Dean BaayensPharmacy Manager

Dean grew up in Rocky Mountain House and has made Central Alberta his and his family's home for most of their lives. He attained his pharmacy degree from the University of Alberta in 2009 and has been working as a pharmacist in Red Deer since that time.
Dean has delivered pharmaceutical care in a wide variety of pharmacy settings; including corporate, independent and hospital settings. He most enjoys the enhanced patient care that independent pharmacy offers; that's why he chose People's Pharmacy to better serve his patients.
Dean has never let go of his original passion; fisheries and aquatic science. It's now a hobby, but if you stop by our pharmacy, it's obvious he's still passionate about it. Dean strongly believes in following paths that inspire and the more paths, the better!

 Cronquist Pharmacy Services

Free Delivery

Diabetes Advice and Meter Training

Med Organization

Counselling and Consultation

MedCheck Program

Flu Shots and Vaccines

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Quickly order Refills, access your Profile, and manage your health with our Mobile App!

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